the artist

My approach to painting could be compared to the stream of consciousness associated with writing. I call it stream painting. I start with a color palette that conveys the emotional state that I am feeling at a particular moment in time and start applying the paint without a preconceived notion of content. The content simply evolves spontaneously and intuitively. One brush stroke beckons the next.

Themes flow out of my personal experience and my abiding interests in nature, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, music and literature.

Icons and symbols are tools. Sometimes subjects flow that are so non-discursive and private that they demand a new language for expression. Opposing forces and energies have always fascinated me and they, too, find their way into my paintings … the forces of light and dark, good and evil, soft and hard, masculine and feminine, smooth and rough, clear and dull, large and small, hot and cold, fast and slow. – Patricia Green

“Uncharted territory has always captured my imagination. Abstract painting provides me with an avenue for venturing into the blank canvas free of constraints, directions, instructions, or rules. Creating something from nothing and absolutely no reference points to bind, the process of painting can be exhilarating, very freeing. I can get lost in time and space.” – Patricia Green, quoted in Designfynder, July 16, 2009

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