purchase list

To purchase any of the paintings displayed on this site, please contact the artist. Click on the title to view an image of the individual painting.

Title Size Price
A Dance in the Rain 30x40 $3,120 SOLD
Andromeda (the light beam rider series) 36x36 $3,370
Angel Fire (the grand canyon series) 24x30 $1,872
Animal Dreams 36x36 $3,370
Animal Shelter 24x24 $1,540
Ascension 36x24 $2,121
Bido Cortex 36x48 $4,492
Birthing an Iris 24x30 $1,872 SOLD
Blueshifted (the light beam rider series) 40x30 $3,120
Cardinal Ways 36x36 $3,320
Chaos Theory (the light beam rider series) 40x30 $3,120
Composing My Own Opera 24x24 $1,497
Con Mucho Gusto 12x12 $374
Condor Watch (the grand canyon series) 30x30 $2,340 SOLD
Cowboy, Cowboy 36x36 $3,370
Crescent City (the katrina series) 30x24 $1,872
Evening at El Gaucho 20x16 $932 SOLD
Eye of Horus 48x60 $1,497
Fantasia 24x24 $7,488
Feed the Babies 30x40 $3,120
Gone Fishing 36x48 $4,492
Grand Lake 10x10 $260
Here Comes the Sun 36x36 $3,320
History of the Colorado (the grand canyon series) 36x36 $3,370
House of Happy Feet 48x36 $4,492
If You Didn’t Exist, I’d Have to Invent You 24x36 $2,246
Lily’s Dance 36x48 $4,492
Lockeland Springs 36x36 $3,320
Mick Jagger Arrives by Night Train (the grand canyon series) 36x36 $3,320
Morning Rose 36x36 $3,520
My Africa 40x30 $3,220
Narrows of the Harpeth 48x36 $4,492
Nectar 36x36 $3,120
Night Walk on the Rim 36x36 $3,520
Non-Linear Ways (the light beam rider series) 30x40 NFS
Notes from Hendersonville 30x30 $2,340
Our Harpeth Flood 40X30 $3,300
Out of the Saddle 24x30 $1,872 SOLD
Part Mystic 16x16 $665
Rumble 36x48 $4,492
Save the Horses 36x48 $4,492
Spacetime Curvature (the light beam rider series) 40x30 $3,120
Super Dome (the katrina series) 30x24 $1,872
The Aftermath (the katrina series) 24x30 $1,872 SOLD
The Farm at Monoville 30x40 NFS
The Light Beam Rider (the light beam rider series) 30x40 $3,150
The Sand and the Foam 60x48 $7,490
The Second Line 48x36 $4,492
The Sign of the Ram 36x36 $3,320
The Way of All Flesh 36x36 $3,520
The Year of the Rat 30x36 $2,908
Trick Pony 36x36 $3,150 SOLD
Trick Pony Does Tybee 30x40 $3,150 SOLD
Tropic of Cancer 60x48 $7,490 SOLD
Wild Iris 40x30 $3,150 SOLD

paintings shown by appointment only

Chaos Theory